Rattan container

  • 族群:Unknown
  • 類別:Transportation
  • 尺寸:長21.5x寬20cm
  • 館藏編號:M055100
  • 館藏位置:2F Livelihoods Utensils and Dwellings5


Rattan is both strong and flexible and can be woven using a number of methods, such as coiling, to produce hats and baskets for holding objects such as clothing and accessories. This basket has marks and smudges from undergoing a smoking process. It is round and drum-shaped and comes with a cover. It should also have a handle but it is missing. Rattan was coiled and layers of coils formed the body of the basket. Another thin rattan strip would be coiled and attached by repeating the coiling method. The mouth were braided in「8」pattern. The cover fits tightly over the mouth of the basket and was woven using the same methods as the body.