Mortar and pestle

  • 族群:Amis
  • 類別:飲食
  • 尺寸:直徑30x高38cm
  • 館藏編號:M041500
  • 館藏位置:2F Livelihoods Utensils and Dwellings4


There are two types of mortar and pestle combinations traditionally used by the Amis. One is for pounding and husking rice and is called ‘tifkan’, the other is for making glutinous rice and is called ‘tadalikan’. During the pounding of rice, the mortar is hit with the pestle using great force. Thus, the walls of the mortar are quite thick. A protruding outer edge is deliberately carved around the waist or at the bottom of the mortar for users to stand on. This also helps to stabilize the mortar during the pounding process. As rice and other grains were a staple of the Amis diet, the mortar and pestle were essential items for each household. Due to this importance, if a family moved homes they would take their mortar and pestle along